Our mission is to empower the modern healthcare revolution by creating tools that lower barriers in healthcare IT entrepreneurship. Let's squash inefficiency.

Health Tech Entrepreneurs Great B2B tech companies often struggle to scale in healthcare. One of the biggest reasons is the integration barrier between their solution and their customer's electronic health record. REDOX solves that problem giving you an API you understand and taking on the complexity of integration.

Health Systems You and your IT team are under pressure to drive down costs and provide innovative solutions for your organization's problems. There's a growing number of applications that solve your problems but you don't have the time to ensure each of them securely integrate with your ecosystem. REDOX gives you a single point for all externally integrated products, managed by our team of integration experts. We take on the complexity and help you sleep at night.

How we do REDOX providers RESTful API's for healthcare entrepreneurs. We make it stupid simple for you and your technology team to send and receive the information you need. We then work directly with your healthcare partners to set up secure VPN tunnels that we maintain over time. Our job is to make sure your integration experience is simple, fast and secure.
Niko Skievaski
Business Development
James Lloyd
Technology Lead
Luke Bonney